The Gazmen

About the Band

The Gazmen is a collective of the Luxembourgish music producers Joel Heyard, Jeff Herr and Aaron Baustert. The project is defined by numerous collaborations with national and international artists, encompassing pop, soul & funk music.

Other releases by The Gazmen
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A little like that (feat. Lata Gouveia)

Yet another collaboration from The Gazmen with a renowned local singer. The charismatic and emblematic voice of the Luxembourg-based Portuguese folk rock singer Lata Gouveia is the perfect match to embody the song’s cool and ironic vibe. “A little like that” tells the story of a middle-aged man who’s experienced some ups and downs in his life. But, no matter how hard you fall, stand up and go with the flow. Like a soulbrother.

  1. A little like that