Joël Heyard

About the Artist

Renowned songwriter, producer and drummer, Joël Heyard worked and played with artists such as Rick Pope (Jamiroquai), Jamal Thomas (Maceo Parker), Lance Lopez (Lucky Peterson), Patti Austin, Barbara Dennerlein, Rolf Stahlhofen, Dave Weckl, or Phil Maturano as well as in various national and international bands.


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Having worked in numerous genres throughout his whole career, Heyard settles down in a Soul influenced modern Electro/Pop sound. An odyssey of self-reflection, Introspection is Heyard’s most personal work to date: “After years of playing, writing and producing music for other artists, I felt it was time to step out of my comfort zone and to finally share my own music, thoughts and inspiration. If not now, then never.” For Introspection, Heyard opted for an international line-up consisting of Matt Bednarsky (US), Jeannette Dalia Curta (DE), Vinylic (FR) and Ben Nilles (LU) on vocals as well as Emmanuel Teschke (DE) on the bass and Remo Cavallini (LU) on the guitar.

  1. Turn it off (feat. Ben Nilles)