Emmy Denice

About the artist

After gaining her first stage-experience as a background singer with big names such as Mariah Carey, Emmy Denice started to write her own songs which eventually led her to release her first single “Dancing” in 2012. Her songs provide a combination of different musical influences, her exciting experiences, mellow vocals and a rhythmic undercurrent that emphasizes her singing – punctuated throughout with elements of reggae, hip hop, funk, jazz, pop and R&B.


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“Closer” is the follow-up to Denice’s 2012 single “Dancing” and reunites the singer-songwriter with Joël Heyard. Written by Denice, composed and produced by Heyard, the melodious and very promising pop song accentuates her soft and mesmerizing voice and its upbeat rhythm perfectly harmonizes with the neo soul elements.

  1. Closer



Emmy Denice Emmy Denice Emmy Denice Emmy Denice Emmy Denice